Get Ready for Halloween with this Terrifying New Slot from Microgaming

Just in time for Halloween, Microgaming have the launched a terrifying homage to the 1978 Slasher Flick of the same name and its an absolute screamer!

The immortal figure cult killer, Michael Myers, and his rampage through the sleepy town of Illinois has a terrified generations now for nearly 40 years and now, thanks to a licensing agreement with the film creators, it is now available in slot form to scare a whole new generation of online gamers!

The film was a massive success and in 2006 was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Register and has been hailed as one of the best Horror films of all time and so the Isle of Man based company, Micrograming, can only hope to emulate some of that success.

From what we can see from playing for ourselves, they have done the film justice superbly and looks like a great slot machine for players looking for a fright!

If we start with the design, it is bone chilling, with the backdrop off the reels being  Michael Myers house itself, with ominous leaves floating across the screen and occasional appearances of Myers himself, from behind the clothesline and bushes, plus the soundtrack is the terribly eerie music from the film which also adds to the fear factor of the game.

If that doesn’t unsettle you enough, you won’t find your classic fruits and lucky 7s as a comforter on this slot.  

Rather, you get a series of looking symbols that relate to the film, as such, expect knife wielding hands, guns and Halloween masks in their place and what’s more, is that they are animated when activated to add an extra worrying element to the game-play!

You will notice the both small and large faces of characters of the film on screen as well, which add a nice aesthetic and shows commitment to their theme.

They have combined this with their “wandering wheels” feature, which consists of large symbols, called jumbo blocks, of the characters faces framed by the moving pillars of the house, which, when you land on them, activate a a big win bonus, so you can get much more winnings from your spin!

Along with these cool elements incorporated from the film, the guys at Microgaming have added new bonus features to add a more fun game-play and provides another reason to check out this spooky slot! 

They have a Trick or Treat Wheel bonus, which is triggered by three bonus symbols in the base game, allows the player to spin wheel and the opportunity to multiply their stake with cash prizes!

After this, they will enter the other add-ons of the game,  either the Bogeyman Bonus Or Free Spins.

The more exciting of the two is the Bogeyman Bonus, which takes place inside the house and your task is the escape to safety!

You will be shown leaves, which you must click to reveal what lies beneath!

You must choose wisely though, as some will give you cash prizes that multiply with each successful pick and bring you one step closer to freedom. However, if you uncover Michael himself, the bonus round ends!

The second bonus feature is uncovered if you land on any character, excluding Micheal, you get rewarded with 9 free spins and all the high symbols, will be replaced by the character!

Overall, this is a fantastic slot game, with loads of perks, features and of course, a terrifyingly cool theme!

As such, it is definitely worth checking out at some point this month so you can get yourself in the mood for the Halloween season and give yourself a fright!

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October 18, 2017 - Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply.

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