The Best Megaways Slots on the Market Right Now

monopoly megaways slot

Megaways are a unique type of online slot game that was brought to life by the well-known and respected game provider, Big Time Gaming. While on the surface they look very similar to other slot games on the market, they are unique due to the in-game functionality that you experience in gameplay. With the upshot of this being a much larger range of payouts than on a game without the feature.

The way it works is that when you spin on a Megaways slot, there is potential for random reel modifiers to come into action which can change the number of symbols that appear. As such, when you spin, there is could be a different number of symbols than land on each reel. This upshot of this is there are thousands of more ways to win with some just individual spin which translates into big cash prizes for you.

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Now that we have established how the genre of slot works generally, you will be eager to get out there and play one. Luckily for you, on this page, we have detailed the top three Megaways slots on the market right now that you can try out for yourself.

Dragon Born

This legendary Dragon Born implements the Megaways system to good effect and provides users with six 7-window reels on these single and multiple windows can be placed upon. This means in total you will find 42 windows that can be filled with an assortment of different bonus symbols and prizes. The result is that users will be able to benefit from a whopping 117,649 ways to win. This is far more than you would find on the majority others slots, particularly those that do not boast the Megaways feature.

Elsewhere on the game though, there are more benefits that come through. This comes from the Diamond Scatter Symbol, which can provide you between 6-50 free games, while the Joker wilds on the game offer combos worth up to 49x your winnings. All of this is will be capped off by the game’s namesake, the Dragon Born symbol which pays out 50x your stake in one spin if you get 6 in a row. All wrapped up in an exciting package, where the visuals and sound complement each other wonderfully for an all-around immersive experience.


To capture the essence and fun of the famous real-world board game, Monopoly and communicate that into a slot was always going to be no mean feat. With this considered, the game, of course, needed something that will capture the hearts and minds of players. This is why it was the perfect concept for Big Time Gaming to attach the Megaways feature too. Like its fellow BGT creation Dragon Born, the inclusion of this feature provides users with another 117,649 ways to win when you partake in the slot’s gameplay.

The Megaways feature incorporates the board games classic features into the gameplay, as well as links them with the other games bonus features also. This is because Megaways 117,649 ways to win can be triggered when you land on GO or pick up a Chance card, both of which are prominent features on the board game also. Naturally, all the other elements of the board game are also incorporated into the Monopoly’s slots gameplay also, with Community Chest Cards, Houses and Utilities and Train Stations all having their own unique features. This all combined makes for a wonderful playing experience which pays homage to its inspiration wonderfully well.


The Bonanza slot game is massively reputable slot game that has become a prominent fixture at casinos across the website and is considered by many to be the flagship product of Big Time Gaming as a slot provider. With many even going as far as to say it is one of the best slots ever made by any casino provider. This is not only because of the fact that it was one of the first-ever Megaways slots but because of its various other merits in terms of visual and sound aesthetics. In terms of Megaways, once again you can benefit from 117,649 ways as a result of the feature being incorporated into this gold-mine themed slot.

With this in play, there is always going to be potential for money to be won but this likelihood is increased due to carts above reels 2-3 that contain symbols and can drop any moment, essentially adding another reel into the equation. Alongside this, there is Reactions, where winning symbols will disappear and the opportunity to trigger free spins by spelling G O L D on the reels. This begins with 12 Free Spins but can be added to at gradually when more scatters land, and the promise of an Unlimited Win Multiplier when in play With all this, considered perks of this game by now should be abundantly clear.

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